House & Kitchen Cleaners


Acid Toilet Cleaner

Rs.25.00 Rs.20.00 -1 ltr

Aditya Dishwash Tub

Rs.40.00 Rs.35.00 - 700 gm

Ashav Phenyle

Rs.60.00 Rs.40.00 - 1 ltr
Blue Spark Toilet Cleaner

Blue Spark Toilet Cleaner

Rs.430.00 Rs.320.00 - 5 ltr
Blue Spark Toilet cleaner

Blue Spark Toilet cleaner

Rs.68.00 Rs.50.00 - 500 ml Out of stock
Colin Glass Cleaner Pump 2X More Shine

Colin Glass Cleaner Pump

Rs.50.00Rs.82.00 Rs.47.00Rs.79.00 

Dettol Kitchen, Dish and Slab gel – Lemon Fresh

Rs.52.00Rs.110.00 Rs.48.00Rs.105.00 
Dettol Kitchen

Dettol Kitchen, Dish and Slab gel – Lime Splash

Rs.155.00 Rs.150.00  - 750 ml
Blue Spark Floor Cleaner

Doctor Floor Cleaner

Rs.76.00 Rs.55.00 - 1 ltr
Doctor Phenyle

Doctor Phenyle

Rs.50.00 Rs.35.00 - 450 ml
Doctor Phenyle

Doctor Phenyle

Rs.355.00 Rs.295.00 - 5 ltr

Domex Toilet Cleaner Expert – Original

Rs.78.00 Rs.75.00 -500 ml